Is it more terrifying, or incredibly brilliant to think that everything you can imagine exists on some plane of existence?

I had crazy dreams last night. I felt a sense of lack when I woke up, because my dreams were so full of nostalgic feelings and my dreams for my own life, like living in a really peaceful area which was a house near the beach, next to a lagoon somewhere on the east coast of Australia. My dreams were also filled with train tunnels, skyscrapers and all sorts of things… as for my spiritual research, I have been reading Buddha for beginners by Jane Hope and Borin Van Loon, which I borrowed from the library. I would like to make posts saying that I am very ‘one with the universe’, which I know on a deep level I am irrevocably connected with the universe,  but in my minds eye I am still a girl who is only learning. I think the day when I will know I have truly progressed will be when I am no longer affected by egotistical suffering.

sleep paralysis

Today I experienced sleep paralysis for the first time… I had a massive weekend so I didn’t go into school today. I woke up at 6 am and went back to sleep after an hour, only to find that when I was sleeping, I was able to control what was happening in my dreams, it was insane. I was shifting through different states of consciousness, into lighter and deeper sleep, but then when I ‘woke up’ I couldn’t move, I could only slightly move one of my feet and move my eyes around, I was paralysed. It was heaps scary, but after about 15 seconds I sort of ‘shocked’ my body out of it. What an experience.

positive vibe plan
  • go to bed earlier
  • eat healthy
  • keep on top of my work
  • exercise a few times each week
  • meditate often
  • download more reggae & positive music
  • plant some seeds
  • do something to make the ones i love happy
  • keep a tidy/clean room
  • be in the now

your reality is whatever you want it to be

Although I don’t think it is right to tease anyone about anything that is personal to them, there is a world of difference between teasing someone for something they can change about themselves and something they cannot. I don’t understand how some people can think that there is nothing wrong with uninvitingly being 100% honest with their opinion of you, especially when it’s not the best. It is hard for most people to feel confident about how they look, so why on Earth would you be a dickhead about my appearance that I was born with and have no control over. Some people can be so childish. I know they were just talking shit but when it’s someone you least expected it from it can hurt the most.


i am feeling extremely filled with light, excitement and positivity and i just want to grab every single person i know and tell them how much they mean to me and how significant they are on this tiny planet that is filled with unconditional love and how much i love them and tell them every quality that is amazing about them and just give them that push to feel amazing and want to join me in this feeling of overwhelming love

i feel like a change is happening in me. in the last couple of months i have been doing a lot of digging deep within myself to feel ok about my insecurities and re-evaluating my beliefs. i feel like something within my soul is arising and that i am changing for the better as a human being emotionally and spiritually. i think i have finally learnt how to deal with a lot of things that i have previously felt unsure of when presented with a specific situation. i have realised that i can only be the best me that i can be and there is nothing more i can do. i have always felt the need to explain myself to people and i think i have gotten a lot better at realising when i just don’t need to explain myself at all. i am going to try to improve my quality of life by making sure that i make those around me happy by doing little things but not letting anyone walk over me because it has happened for too long and the time has come for change. this really is a lovely feeling

Hi, I've always had an interest in anything supernatural. But lately I've been inquiring about curses, I know it sounds crazy but it just seems sometimes that things don't get this bad without divine intervention. That's why I like the way you answered that person about casting witchcraft spells, saying you don't know enough about it to mess with it. (smart) I've just had a run of bad luck I guess :)
by historicalmyths

from what i have seen on your blog you seem to be a firm believer in physics and energy and all things related and have a somewhat scientific approach to these kinds of things with a solid respect for spirituality. honestly as humans if our individual sole intentions are pure, deities from other dimensions or any other form of divine intervention in the form of negative energy will not interfere in your life, as they can only manifest themselves in a negative environment that has been created for them, which can occur when you get a bunch of idiots messing with energy. please be reassured by these words. namaste :)

are you into witch craft at all?
by Anonymous

i have never practised witchcraft or magic because i think that if you are trying to invoke spirits and you’re not really aware of their full power and you’re not sure of what you are doing you can do serious damage to yourself. i know that witchcraft involves spells also but i have never cast a spell and i am uneducated of how to do it at this point in time. my beliefs don’t really align with it but i respect anyone’s choice to practice it.

as humans on earth with are so tiny compared to the rest of the universe but in that it can feel like we are nothing  but we are actually everything and people need to realise that even though we are the 0.000001% we are eternal love and unconditional and inevitable consciousness. how you could ever feel insignificant knowing that i don’t understand

eating a whole egg including the shell because you’re sad

my dreams

were so emotionally intense last night! I mean iNtEnSe! I woke up crying with a sore jaw and forehead… It was about these two girls that I know that are best friends, and they felt so strongly about supporting woman with breast cancer that they shaved there heads together and spent their time walking around with huge broad hats with large flowers on them and colourful shirts and jeans and promoted the cause. In my dream I was following them around just watching them act so selflessly, it seriously inspired me to do something for others. I guess what touched me so much is what they gave up to do that, in the dream they were juxtaposed with a bunch of upper class superficial teenagers that had nothing better to do with their time than fight with each other and hang out in dirty places. In the dream I was constantly near a train station, and I walked past these two old woman and one of them was receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer, and she was talking to me about how it physically and emotionally effected her. I just remember running around the town crying and just in such a state. Ohhhhhhh mannnnnn